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Super Versitile Awning


One of our most popular awnings is the Imperial and the Imperial Marcesa – with it’s center beam the Imperial Marcesa is suitable for all applications, but especially good for low headroom (low mounting point) applications. We have found it works well with as little room as 7’4″ between the floor and the mounting point. Most other awnings need to be mounted AT LEAST 8′ high – and 8 1/2 feet is ideal. Because of the ‘double slope created by the Marcesa beam, the front of the awning is a bit lower which gives you lower angle sun control without sacrificing height in the middle.

The Imperial and Imperial Marcesa are available with an optional screen drop valance which comes in handy with low angle sun and glare … or privacy issues. These exceptionally strong awnings are also the only models available with an amazing 13 foot projection!

The Imperial Crossover is ideal for narrow width, large projection applications. The Crossover needs to be mounted at least 8 1/2 feet – 9 feet high to allow head clearance under the lower (crossed over) arm.

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