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To speak to a Product Specialist and find out which awning will work best for you!

Awning Options & Features


Black, Espresso, Almond, Sand, White

Color options may vary according to awning model 

All powder coatings and applications are not created equal. Pretreatment and powder coated finish exceeds AAMA 2604 specifications including 3,000 hour salt spray testing. This super durable finish includes UV inhibitors to produce a fade resistant finish. Our finish is low gloss and lightly textured adding an upscale look that discerning buyers expect on high performance products.



The sunset solution. This upgrade can add impressive sun control to your awning. Enjoying yourself on the deck usually happens while you are seated. Depending on the position of the sun, and the time of day, this can mean you are back in the sun. Adding this Drop- Down Valance is the solution, especially for due west exposures.

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Why a Criss-Cross Arm Awning?

If your mounting space is narrow, yet deep, and you want to optimize shade coverage, you can use our Criss-Cross awning frame. This innovative frame, has offset shoulder heights allowing one awning arm to fold under its companion arm. This results in an awning projection which is greater than its width. 




Take it up a notch! Motorize your lateral-arm awning with a top of the line SOMFY® motor. Wireless controls add convenience and eliminate wall switches. You can even control your awning from your smart phone or device with a Somfy™ MyLink. Manual override hardware is standard with our motor operated awnings.




Low head room, or low ceilings are no issue when you consider the roof mount option. We take great care when designing roof mount solutions. Our adjustable pitch roof brackets anchor to your roof structure with stainless steel hardware. Carefully installed to prevent any water leakage.

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is a simple device that turns your smartphone or tablet into a sophisticated remote control for motorized products featuring Radio Technology Somfy® (RTS). myLink works with Alexa, IFTTT, Google Home and can integrate with your home automation systems such as Lutron and Crestron. 


All awning models come standard with manual operators. The three-to-one bevel gear makes for smooth operation. 

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